Andrew Berry Jewellery


All the jewellery and accessories available at Andrew Berry Jewellery are manufactured from Sterling Silver.

Every piece is an example of classic timeless craftsmanship.

Some Interesting Facts About Silver

  • Over 90% of silver is used in industrial applications. Silver is used to make mirrors, dental fillings, electrical contacts, coins and electroplating.
  • The Kodak company is the worlds largest consumer of silver using it as silver nitrate and silver halide in photographic developing.
  • Because of the low price of silver, it is used in fashion jewellery allowing craftsmen to experiment with new and innovative designs.
  • Silver is popular among young people attempting a less formal look in their accessorising.

Sterling Silver

  • In its pure form silver is as soft as gold and so is alloyed with other metals, usually copper, for strength. Silver is hallmarked 925 (92.5% pure), Sterling Silver or 950 (95% pure), Britannia Silver.
  • Jewellery is mainly made from Sterling Silver. Items made from Britannia Silver tends to be tableware.

The Beauty of Silver

  • Silver is the brightest reflector of any metal and can be polished to a high sheen that even platinum can not achieve.
  • The finish on silver can be highly polished, matt or brushed, satin, sandblasted or antiqued.
  • Silver is said to have a ‘patina’, a worn looking finish achieved through frequent use and handling.

Care of Silver

  • Silver does require more attention than gold or platinum.
  • Silver reacts with the ozone and sulphides found in the atmosphere around many cities, which form a black film on the surface called ‘tarnish’.
  • Tarnish can be removed by tarnish removing solutions and dips. However these chemicals can also damage gemstones set in the silver. Andrew Berry Jewellery sell special cloths that polish silver without endangering gemstones.