Andrew Berry Jewellery

Watch repairs are important to Andrew Berry Jewellery as they can offer a full service to the majority of watch brands and a 12 months guarantee.

We undertake all manner of watch repairs from replacing watch crystals and crowns to the complete overhaul and restoration of vintage timepieces. Advice and watch repair estimates are gladly given free of charge and a rough estimate can even be given via email (Please note that a watch repair estimate will only be good as the information you can provide us with and is therefore a very rough guide.)

What is Involved
The service of every watch whether it’s a quartz or mechanical watch includes complete disassembly of all the movement. Each part is carefully examined for damage or wear and where necessary replaced or repaired. The watch is cleaned while disassembled and is then again inspected whilst being reassembled. The watch is carefully checked and where necessary adjusted to ensure optimum performance. The watch is then oiled and timed and regulated to be as accurate as possible on the latest state of the art test equipment. The movement is then refitted to its case and tested and timed over a period of time before being returned to the customer.

All work and components fitted during the repair or service come with a 12 month guarantee. The case and bracelet are generally ultrasonically cleaned as standard. Generally repairs can be turned around in within 4 weeks unless parts have to be specially ordered or sourced.

We take care and pride in repairing your watches. What is the use of paying the rock bottom prices if your watch is not repaired correctly? The most important aspect to watch repairs is craftsmanship.

Whether you require a battery, change of strap or a full service, Andrew Berry is here to help.

Our Promise

  • Watch restoration and repairs
  • Same day watch bracelet alternation to items purchased.
  • Watch repairs
  • Battery and strap replacements while you wait.
  • All work guaranteed.