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Cleaning and caring for your rings

Frequent hand washing lately and using creams and sanitisers means you may have noticed your rings are looking dull, aren’t sparking and are building up some debris! 

This is normal, but with lots of conflicting advice on the internet we wanted to share our professional advice with you to maintain them at home, until we reopen and we can help with professional cleaning and polishing techniques.

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Hand polishing your diamond ring with micro fibre fabric

Hand sanitiser is ok for precious metals with hard stones, such as diamond, sapphire and ruby, but may damage a softer stone such as emerald, pearl or opal, in fact we are leaving our jewellery with these soft stones safely in our jewellery boxes for the time being.

You can clean your precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) and hard stones (diamond, sapphire, ruby) once a week if you like, this is perfectly fine, but we wouldn’t recommend this technique for non-precious metals, or the softer stones (pearls, opals, emeralds, tanzanite) as it may cause damage.

1 – Check the ring thoroughly – are any stones loose? Are any of the claws sticking up? If they are it may be better to leave safely at home until we can take a look – you don’t want one of your precious stones ending up down the sink!
2 – We recommend using a small bowl with warm water, and a squirt of washing up liquid. Diamonds are fine with hot water, but this may cause other stones to crack, so allow it to cool to a hand comfortable heat before using it to clean anything else. Leave the ring to soak for 20 – 30 minutes.
3 – Use a really, really soft brush to clean around the stones. We recommend a baby toothbrush (NEVER an adult brush, this is too hard and may scratch the metal or dislodge a stone), or a soft cosmetic brush. It’s fine to use a little extra washing up liquid on the brush, work around the stone paying particular attention to the back, where soaps, creams and sanitisers can build up.
4 – Dry the ring off with a hairdryer, but make sure it’s on a cool heat to avoid cracking a stone. This avoids any watermarks.
5 – After cleaning, watermarks and fingerprints can be cleaned off using a polishing cloth – we use ‘Selvyt’ cloths – these polish and buff without leaving a residue and are available online.
• Never use toothpaste, bleach or other chemicals as these can cause damage
• Don’t use a sharp instrument to try and pick out debris – this may cause a stone to dislodge
• Precious metals don’t like chlorine – this attacks the surface of the metal (particularly silver).

Here is a silver polishing cloth we recommend.

We recommend an annual professional clean, as this is also a good opportunity to check the ring over and ensure everything is safe and secure.

For free advice on jewellery cleaning please contact us at via Facebook or